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Offshore Wi-Fi Coverage Evaluation


Avoid expensive and unnecessary travelling and get whole Wi-Fi connected for live sound and video/image transfers.
Viking Innovations offers a professional Wi-Fi coverage survey for rigs and ships. We do this with a highly recognized partner at a very reasonable price. Vessels that have already gone through this survey followed the detailed technical drawings provided and are now carrying out a total degree of coverage of their vessel. The process will take 2-3 days offshore for one or two persons (depending on size) and a few days onshore for processing and analyzing the collected onsite data from the vessel. We are talking about full coverage like “thrusters”, for example. Vessels that have already performed this survey are in data offshore, the complete process of fulfilling the recommendations for full coverage based on our detailed
topology and analyzing application.

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Bulldog Computer Services Ltd, Viking Innovations’ partner and IT provider located in the Caribbean.

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